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Greetings Followers!

I’m very happy to report that March has been a record month for Diana Funtana ESL Productions! I have all of you subscribers/followers and many others to thank.

As of 17:00 European time (I happen to be in Germany at the moment) there have been 1,922 views–an average of 62 per day in March.

Also in February and March combined there have been more views than in all of last year. The all-time high in one day was 148 views.

The most visitors were from France with a total of 1,131 views. Vive la France! It looks like ESL is alive and well in France, which I find thrilling! After France come Spain, UK, Canada and Brazil, and of course many, many others.

Life Experiences, thanks to Michelle Henry’s website, tp://, continues to be the most popular with 456 views in March and 622 views so far this year. Amazing Superheroes and Apartment for Rent were also popular, but only in the double digits. For the same reason Get in the Act I videos has been the most popular page.

Some worksheets have been ordered from Resources4Teaching. For those of you who do not have a PayPal account ordering worksheets is a problem, but at this point, I’m not able to accept orders and payments myself.

I must say that the response has been very gratifying, and I hope you will continue to spread the word to your colleagues, students and fellow students, and friends. These videos were made to entertain, educate and inspire, and the more the word gets around, the better!

Please post a comment and “like” Diana Funtana ESL on Facebook, if you haven’t already. Also please know that I am open to any suggestions, criticism and feedback. Feel free to post your remarks on the website or e-mail me at

Once again, I thank everyone and look forward to April!

Diana Funtana

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