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Diana Funtana ESL Productions

My name is Diana Funtana. On tonight’s show …

Liven up learning!

Hello ESL Teachers and Students!

Are you looking for a fun, fresh way to teach and learn English?

For both ESL teachers and students, Diana Funtana ESL Productions offers:

  • entertaining and educational Get in on the Act videos that show how to USE grammar points and handy phrases for everyday conversation and telephone calls
  • short grammar lessons in power point format for classroom use or review at home
  • fun grammar games and challenging speaking activities
  • links to ESL resources
  • ESL books for conversation skills, reading comprehension and vocabulary building

For a list of our Get in on the Act ESL videos and a general video lesson plan, go to the Directory Page!

Get in on the Act, and you’ll be good to go!

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Comments on: "Diana Funtana ESL Productions" (4)

  1. Sheila Knowles, Key Institute said:

    Great complete lessons with fun and realistic content and good comprehensive worksheets.

  2. Excellent. Practical. Useful. A great resource to add to your bag of tricks. Great for students and teachers alike. If I used Facebook, I would “like” it.

  3. I’ve come across Diana’s work while browsing the net looking for a video on present perfect for my students. I’ve just used Life experiences with my students and I think the videos are funny and very useful to learn a language point. I’ve also used the worksheets with prelistening exercises, listening exercises, grammar exercises and roles plays. They are well done and definitely helpful too. I advise any teacher to use Diana’s work in the classroom. Thank you Diana for the work and exchange by mail.

  4. Wow they look like fun videos! Will try to show a few to my students next week. Thank you and once I have a spot for recommended blogs, I will be sure to add your link.

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