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Get in on the Act I: Beginner Level

That's really amazing!

That’s really amazing!

Liven Up Learning!

Watch these short, entertaining videos and learn how to use the following basic grammar in a simple conversation:

  • modal verb “can”
  • to be and to have
  • some, any, much and many
  • present perfect: Have you ever …

Act I worksheets and for the videos contain:

  • summary
  • pre-listening and listening exercises
  • complete script
  • role plays

To order, go to the Worksheet page.

Now watch, listen and learn!

Life Experiences

Grammar point: Present Perfect

Diana interviews international news correspondent and world traveller, Adie Ventura, about her fascinating travel experiences.

Apartment for Rent

Grammar point:  there is/ are, some / any, much / many

Student Annie Ball answers an ad for an apartment in the newspaper, but is there anything strange about this one?

Amazing Superheroes

Grammar point: can

Diana interviews the Amazing Human Fly. What amazing things can she do?

Small Talk

Language function: making introductions

Peggy Pringle starts up a conversation with Diana while waiting for her flight to Vancouver.

What Am I?

Grammar Point:  to be and to have

Diana’s guest on What Am I is ESL teacher Peggy Pringle who tries to guess the identity of the special mystery guest and win $10,000.

What Am I Worksheet

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Enjoy and learn!

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  2. Hey, that’s fantastic, thanks for these nice videos!
    I’ll sure use some of them in the classroom.

    Corinne Desloges (English teacher in a comprehensive school, Collège Louis Pasteur, in France)

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