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Get in on the Act II: Intermediate Level

 Sports World

Liven Up Learning!

Watch these short, entertaining videos and learn how to use the following intermediate grammar points:

  • present perfect
  • passive voice
  • phrasal verbs
  • future conditional

Learn how to use the following phrases and expressions for everyday English:

  • asking and giving directions
  • making orders and requests in a cafe

 Act II worksheets and for the videos contain:

  • pre-listening and listening exercises
  • complete script
  • role plays

 Worksheets can be ordered from My Store at or my e-mailing me directly at


Grammar Videos

Bimbo for President

Grammar Point: Future Conditional

On Meet the Candidates Adie Ventura interviews Presidential hopeful, Bimbo the Clown, about her political platform for the upcoming election.

Sports World

Grammar Point: Phrasal verbs

Diana interviews this year’s Extreme Pillow Fighting Champion Rita the Rocket.

6:00 News

Grammar point: Passive voice

Diana and reporter Adie Ventura report on tonight’s dramatic top story.

Hollywood Now

Grammar point: Present perfect vs simple past

Barb Bangles interviews famous actress, Diana Funtana, about her new movie and fascinating career.

Everyday English Videos

You Can’t Miss It

Diana gives Daisy directions to the Appleton Building.

You Can’t Miss It-Worksheet

What Can I Get for You?

Diana orders a latte and a muffin in a coffee shop.

What Can I Get You Worksheet

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Enjoy and learn!

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