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Get in on the Act II: Intermediate Level

 Sports World

Liven Up Learning!

Watch these short, entertaining videos and learn how to use the following intermediate grammar points:

  • present perfect
  • passive voice
  • phrasal verbs
  • future conditional

Learn how to use the following phrases and expressions for everyday English:

  • asking and giving directions
  • making orders and requests in a cafe

 Act II worksheets and for the videos contain:

  • summary
  • pre-listening and listening exercises
  • complete script
  • role plays

To order, go to the Worksheet page.

Bimbo for President

Grammar Point: Future Conditional

On Meet the Candidates Adie Ventura interviews Presidential hopeful, Bimbo the Clown, about her political platform for the upcoming election.

Sports World

Grammar Point: Phrasal verbs

Diana interviews this year’s Extreme Pillow Fighting Champion Rita the Rocket.

6:00 News

Grammar point: Passive voice

Diana and reporter Adie Ventura report on tonight’s dramatic top story.

Hollywood Now

Grammar point: Present perfect vs simple past

Barb Bangles interviews famous actress, Diana Funtana, about her new movie and fascinating career.

Extra with free worksheets: Everyday English Videos

You Can’t Miss It

Diana gives Daisy directions to the Appleton Building.

You Can’t Miss It-Worksheet

What Can I Get for You?

Diana orders a latte and a muffin in a coffee shop.

What Can I Get You Worksheet

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Enjoy and learn!

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