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Get in on the Act III: Telephone English

Will that be the usual cut and style for you?

Will that be the usual cut and style for you?

Liven Up Learning!

Watch these short, entertaining videos and learn how to:

  • answer the phone and ask to speak to someone
  • leave and take a telephone message
  • make an appointment
  • ask for information
  • book a flight

Act I worksheets and for the videos contain:

  • summary of phrases
  • pre-listening and listening exercises
  • complete script
  • role plays

To order the worksheet, go to the Worksheet page. 

Telephone Basics

Language function: Answering the phone, asking to speak to someone, and connecting a call

Diana calls Foxy Networks to speak to Adie Ventura and ask her to lunch.

Can I Take a Message?

Language function: Taking a leaving a telephone message

Diana calls Foxy Networks and leaves a message for entertainment show host Barb Bangles.

Making an Appointment

Language function: Making and confirming an appointment

Diana calls Hollywood Beautique and Salon to make an urgent hair appointment.

Asking for Information

Language function: Asking for and giving information

Diana calls a yoga studio to inquire about their courses.

Booking a flight

Language function: booking a flight

Diana calls a travel agency to book a flight to Paris.

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Enjoy and learn!

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  1. I love your book ESL Conversation Skills and these videos are a great asset to our Business English Curriculum. Thanks for creating these!

  2. Thanks for these helpful videos.

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