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IMGP1347 (1)Diane Engelhardt a.k.a. Diana Funtana,
the Landlady and Bimbo the Clown.

Diane’s first loves have always been creative writing and making videos.  While teaching at the same language school, Diane, Randie and Barb Donaldson teamed up to make the occasional short videos to use in the classroom. They were such a hit that what started out as having a load of fun and laughs has turned into serious business, and so Diana Funtana ESL Productions was born. Diane hopes that others will have as great a time using Get in on the Act materials as she has had making them.

Experience:  20 years of ESL teaching conversational and Business English, and English for Academic Purposes in Nuernberg, Germany and Victoria, B.C.

Currently: ESL author

Degrees: Bachelor of Education (Secondary), Bachelor of Arts in Honors English, TESL Certificate

Publications: All Our Friends: Simple Rewards of Simple Living (2007), Perfect Phrases for ESL Conversation Skills (2012), Practice Makes Perfect Intermediate English Reading and Comprehension (2013), Practice Makes Perfect Advanced English Reading and Comprehension (2013) and Essential Vocabulary for the TOEFL Test (2014).


 IMGP1696 001 (1)Randie Dresler a.k.a. the Amazing Human Fly, Adie Ventura, Barb Bangles, , Rita the Rocket, Maria Maronti and Peggy Pringle

Randie has put her chameleon-like aptitude for the dramatic and her firsthand knowledge of ESL content to good use in these videos.  She is a firm believer that entertained students learn best and she hopes the Get in on the Act series will help other teachers find a happy medium in an industry that focuses on Edu-tainment.

Experience: 8 years of ESL teaching and tutoring  in Thailand, China and Victoria

Currently: Mother and middle school teacher

Degrees: Bachelor of Arts in Theatre and English Literature, Bachelor of Education, TESL Certificate

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© 2012 Diane Engelhardt. All rights reserved.

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  1. Hi Diana, thanks you for the resources page! I can definitely use some of those links for my French middle schoolers!

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