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ESL Readers

ESL Books that will guide you on your way to mastering English!

These readers are ideal for EAP/University Pathways courses and concentrate on:

  • reading comprehension
  • academic vocabulary building, including vocabulary from the Academic Word List (Coxhead, 2000)
  • summary and paraphrasing skills
  • critical thinking and analysis

Practice Makes Perfect Intermediate English Reading and Comprehension


ISBN 978-0-07-179884-6

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  • 15 texts about unusual and amazing topics written to help build vocabulary, develop reading comprehension skills at the intermediate level, and stimulate further investigation on the Internet


1  Bananas about bananas

2  Schloss Neuschwanstein: A king and his castle

3  The Three Racketeers: Wildlife experiences on a small island

4  The lure of lost treasure ships

5  Terry Fox: A real-life hero

6   Storm chasers: Scientists, nature freaks or daredevils?

7  Pixar Studios: Movie magic

8  Karaoke: Everyone can be a star

9  The flying doctors of Australia: Reaching “the furthest corner”

10  Cirque du Soleil: A dream makes the big time

11  The Findhorn Community: A garden of spirits

12  Aron Ralston: Surviving the worst

13  Harry Potter: More than magic

14  The Paralympics: Believe in yourself

15  Superman: Everyone’s hero

Practice Makes Perfect Advanced English Reading and Comprehension

Engelhardt0071798862 (2)

ISBN: 9780071798860

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  • 15 texts about controversial subjects written to help build academic and non-academic vocabulary, develop reading comprehension skills at an advanced level, and stimulate critical thinking on important social issues.


1  Eco-Tourism: Another Way to See the World

2  The Human Genome Project: Writing the Book of Life

3  Near Death Experiences: Fact or Fantasy?

4  Genetically Modified Organisms: Bread Basket or Pandora’s Box?

5  Men and Women: Long Live the Difference

6  Electric Cars: Cleaner, Greener Driving

7  DNA Fingerprinting: Condemning Evidence

8  Ecocities: Building Sustainable Urban Communities

9  Solar Power: Energy for the Future

10 Healing Circles: A Gentler Justice

11  Medical Technology: New Frontiers in Health Care

12  The Enneagram: Understanding Our Personalities

13  Artificial Intelligence: Can Machines Think?

14  Voluntary Simplicity: Making More out of Less

15  Future Directions: Technology or Ecology?

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