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Essential Vocabulary for the TOEFL Test

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TOEFL Vocabulary

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McGrawHill’s TOEFL Vocabulary has been written to help students learn vocabulary for the TOEFL test and, more importantly, for life. How will it do that?

  • By helping them recognize words from their function and form
  • By helping them use a dictionary and thesaurus
  • By helping them figure out the meaning from context
  • By showing them how to organize vocabulary for easy study
  • By giving strategies on how to remember the words they learn.

This book is divided into 3 sections:

1.      Learning and understanding vocabulary

2.      Building and recording vocabulary

3.      Using vocabulary

The book contains approximately:

  • 417 academic words that can be found in the Academic Word List (Coxhead 2000)
  • 405 advanced words that are not in the AWL
  • 183 words or phrases that are commonly used in a campus context.

Each chapter contains a variety of exercises

  • to reinforce what students have learned,
  • to give them an opportunity to practice using specific words,
  • and to assist them in developing a “feeling” for the English language.

In the last 3 chapters there are short academic reading texts with vocabulary exercises that demonstrate how vocabulary is realistically used. What students see in this book is what they can expect to encounter in lectures, reading and assignments. In Appendix 3 there are templates that can be used to record vocabulary.



Section 1: Learning and understanding vocabulary

1.  How to identify vocabulary

2.  How to use a dictionary and thesaurus

3.  How to understand vocabulary from context

4.  How to overcome vocabulary challenges

Section 2: Building and recording vocabulary

5.  How to record vocabulary

6.  How to remember vocabulary

7.  How to organize vocabulary

Section 3:  Using vocabulary

8.   How to use  vocabulary from the Academic Word List

9.  How to use advanced vocabulary in an academic context

10.  How to use campus vocabulary

Appendix 1:  List of academic vocabulary

Appendix 2:  Vocabulary templates

Appendix 3:  Common prefixes and suffixes

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