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Get in on the Act IV: Games and Quizzes


Liven up learning!

ESL Games

This page features fun games that teachers can use to practice:

  • grammar
  • vocabulary
  • conversational phrases and idioms

Lesson plans include:

  • teaching instructions
  • photocopiable cut-out cards and strips
  • templates

Freebie: Truth and Lies

Truth and Lies is a fun game that can be played with various grammar points, and for different levels. In this version students use the present perfect with ever, never, before. This game is a good introduction or follow-up to Diana Funtana ESL Productions’ video, Life Experiences at:

Truth or Lies


Charades is based on a popular party game in which teams have to guess what one member is acting out. This version features: the present continuous, the past continuous and extreme sports vocabulary. It is suitable to any level, depending on difficulty and is a good way to get students up and out of their seats.


ESL Memory

ESL Memory is a well-known game that can be played to practice a variety of grammar points and vocabulary. It’s simple, fun, flexible and easy to set up. The package includes:

  • the future simple for promises and agreements (intermediate level)
  • infinitives of purpose (intermediate level)
  • vocabulary: antonyms (beginner level)


ESL Jeopardy

This well-known television quiz show lends itself well to the ESL classroom. ESL Jeopardy brings out students’ competitive spirit, creates excitement and variety, and gets the class up and out of their seats. Whenever I played it with my classes, they loved it! The game can be played to practice specific grammar points or to review any mixture of material, such as vocabulary, idioms, parts of speech, and grammar.

This package includes a Jeopardy template, a teacher’s question/answer sheet and three games:

  • Passive Voice (intermediate level)
  • Idioms (intermediate to advanced level)
  • Canadian slang (advanced level)


Canada Quiz

Canada Day presents a great opportunity to review or teach Canadian geography, culture and history especially to ESL students who are studying English in Canada. This quiz game can also be played whenever you need a break from the classroom routine.

Canada Quiz

Guessing Games

Guessing games are a good way to create competition and fun in the ESL classroom. This package includes guessing games for:

  • Food vocabulary (beginner)
  • Body language (beginner)
  • Jobs: What’s My Line? (beginner to advanced level)

These games fit well into a teaching unit that deals with the topics of food, cultural differences and jobs.

Guessing Games

Enjoy and learn!

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