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All printable and photocopiable worksheets include:

  • a summary of featured grammar points or phrases
  • pre-listening and listening exercises
  • video script
  • role plays
  • answer key

Your order will be e-mailed to you as quickly as possible! Prices are in US$. No refunds on digital files.

Get in on the Act I Beginner Grammar

32-page pdf file of worksheets for Small Talk, Amazing Superheroes, Apartment for Rent, Life Experiences

Get in on the Act I-Preview

4.50 $

Get in on the Act II Intermediate Grammar

38-page pdf file of worksheets for Hollywood Now, Six O’Clock News, Sports World, Bimbo for President

Get in on the Act II-Preview

4.50 $

Get in the Act III Telephone English

40-page pdf file of worksheets for Telephone Basics, Can I Take a Message, Making an Appointment, Asking for Information, Booking a flight

Get in on the Act III-Preview

6.00 $

Get in on the Act-the Complete Set

Save 25% on the complete 136-page pdf file with worksheets for Beginner Grammar, Intermediate Grammar and Telephone English

12.00 $

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I wish you and your students lots of fun learning English!

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