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Perfect Phrases for ESL Conversation Skills

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Perfect Phrases for ESL Conversation Skills, Third Edition

ISBN 9781264285631

Third edition with handy phrases to use in telephone conversations and televideo conferences!


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Learn handy phrases to:

  • Engage in small talk, greet people and make introductions
  • Talk about past experiences
  • Express likes, dislikes and preferences
  • Describe processes and objects
  • Ask for and give advice, and talk about problems
  • Make plans and decisions and set goals
  • Express opinions, agree and disagree
  • Lead and participate in a group discussions
  • Initiate and end telephone calls
  • Take and leave messages on the telephone
  • Make appointments, bookings, and reservations on the telephone
  • Place orders and conduct business on the telephone
  • Conduct meetings via video conferencing

Phrases are organized from formal to informal, and include common slang expressions that native speakers use to express thoughts, ideas, opinions and feelings. At the end of each chapter a sample dialogue shows how some of the phrases in the chapter are used in a natural conversation. Topics for conversation practice are also listed.

Table of Contents

Part 1  Phrases for Conversation

Chapter 1  Small Talk

Chapter 2  Past Experiences

Chapter 3  Likes, Dislikes, and Interests

Chapter 4  Objects and Processes

Chapter 5  Problems and Advice

Chapter 6  Decisions and Goals

Part 2  Phrases for Discussions

Chapter 7  Opinions

Chapter 8  Group Discussions

Chapter 9  Serious Subjects

Part 3  Phrases for Special Occasions

Chapter 10  Special Occasions

Part 4  Phrases for Telephone Conversations

Chapter 11  Telephone Basics

Chapter 12  Telephone Messages

Chapter 13  Telephone Business

Chapter 14  Telephone/Video Conferencing

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