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Short Grammar Lessons

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Liven Up Learning!

Here are some short grammar lessons in Power Point format that can be used by teachers in the classroom or students at home for review. All lessons include:

  • an overview
  • simple explanations and examples of how and when to use the grammar point
  • practice exercises with answers

Change the slide or show the answers in the practice sections with a mouse click.

Past tenses #1: Simple past and past continuous

Past Tenses-1

Present perfect #1: General introduction

Present Perfect-1

Present Perfect #2: Life experiences with never, ever, before and superlatives

Present Perfect-2

Present Perfect #3: Routines, plans, expectations and unfinished activities with already, yet, so far and ordinals

Present Perfect-3

Present Perfect and Present Perfect Continuous #4: Facts and actions with since, for and how long

Present Perfect-4

Present Perfect #5: Final notes and practice exercise

Present Perfect-5

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Enjoy and learn!

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