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Has anyone been injured or killed?

Liven up learning!

Check out our Get in on the Act videos and worksheets.

Act I: Beginner Level

Grammar Videos

  • Small Talk (basic conversation)
  • Amazing Superheroes (grammar point: can)
  • Apartment for Rent (grammar point: there is/are, some/any, much/many)
  • Life Experiences (grammar point: present perfect)
  • What Am I (grammar point: to have and to be)

Act II: Intermediate Level

Grammar Videos

  • Hollywood Now (grammar point: simple past vs present perfect)
  • 6:00 News (grammar point: passive voice)
  • Sports World (grammar point: phrasal verbs)
  • Bimbo for President (grammar point: future conditional)

Everyday English Videos

  • You Can’t Miss It (giving and asking for directions)
  • What Can I Get for You? (making order and requests)

Act III:  Telephone English

  • Telephone Basics (language function: asking to speak to someone, answering the phone)
  • Can I Take a Message? (language function: leaving and taking a message)
  • Making an Appointment (language function: appointments)
  • Asking for Information (language function: asking for and giving information)
  • Booking a flight (language function: making travel arrangements)

General Lesson Plan

Part 1: Pre-listening

  • Review the grammar points featured in the video.
  • Practice new vocabulary and expressions.

Part 2: Viewing and comprehension

  • Introduce the topic with a quick warm-up.
  • First viewing.
  • In groups or pairs have students complete the worksheet.
  • Second viewing and correction of worksheet.

Part 3: Student production

  • Have students perform the script.
  • Have students produce their own role play or skit, using the featured grammar point.

 Get in on the Act and have fun teaching and learning with Diana Funtana ESL Productions!

Enjoy and learn!

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Comments on: "Video Directory" (3)

  1. Fun English lesson videos, with worksheets!

  2. Elvira Perrella, Study Group said:

    Very fun and interactive. Great script and characters!! Thank you! Students really enjoyed Hollywood Now!!

  3. Hello everyone! I would like you to share your material with me if possible, I really love your lesson plans and I would like to use them as well.

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